I help companies reach their "Mount Everest"
Fredrik Sträng is an experienced speaker and moderator who has worked both in Sweden and internationally


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Leadership on life and death

    • This lecture is on decision-making processes under extreme conditions, the theory of assessment, decisions, orientation, risk management and orders. On K2, the world's toughest mountain, you can't think you know; you have to know.
    • Join Fredrik on a breathtaking journey and gain an understanding and knowledge of how to handle extreme situations.


Reach the top and feel the top

    • How to be your best self a little more often!
    • An inspiring lecture about motivation, decision-making and goal-setting. Fredrik talks about insights and lessons from the mountaintops which you can apply in your everyday life.



    • A crisis rarely turns into a disaster, but for many of us, crisis means disaster. We anticipate the worst will happen; we worry and spend too much time and energy on catastrophic thinking.
    • Fredrik Sträng offers a unique opportunity to take the bull by the horns and see things for what they are. You'll receive plenty of inspiring tools and intelligent ways to deal with crises.


Winning team

    • What makes some teams more successful than others?
    • Fredrik Sträng presents the success factors in a truly successful team and shows how, together, you can turn weaknesses and threats into strengths and opportunities.


Summit fever

    • Summit fever occurs not only in climbing but also in business. When you have put a lot of time and energy into achieving a goal, it risks becoming personal. Despite clear warning signals, they do not interrupt. You have to reach the top - whatever it takes.
    • In this lecture, Fredrik shows how you can become better at making the right decisions, even under extreme pressure and stress.


Book Fredrik Sträng as a speaker