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Do you want to take your business to the top? Is your company in need of a close-knit team to handle future challenges and reach future goals? Do you believe that fitness reduces sick leave and encourages employees? In this case, indoor climbing with Fredrik Sträng is the right thing for your company!

We offer half-day or full-day team-building activities in an indoor climbing gym of your choosing. This is in combination with an inspiring keynote presentation with Fredrik Sträng.



  1. Fredrik Sträng talks about "The power can move mountains ®," an attitude and approach to life that makes us successful and more equipped to handle challenges. More about the lecture >>>
  2. After the lecture, we head to the climbing gym, receiving a safety briefing from the instructors. 
  3. Next is the "KC challenge." The teams will collect letters scattered across the roof, accessed by various climbing routes. Once the teams have collected the letters, they will form a word.
  4. The following exercise is getting out of a rope tangle. Then, ono time, try to make as many knots as possible and name them.
  5. Finally, there is the speed climb duel. Different teams are competing against each other to climb the route the fastest possible.


When / where?

The activity can be carried out indoors all year round. Alternatively, we can come to your company with mobile climbing walls.


This is an activity where we coach companies on the following themes:

  • Winning Culture – implement a high-performance, winning attitude in your company
  • Team-building – You are welded together to form an effective team
  • Trust – You learn to trust your colleagues


Price: Half day incl. 2h climbing / 1h lecture Up to 25 people = 990: - / person > 25 persons = 900: - / person

This includes: Rental of climbing equipment, climbing activity, instructors, insurance and a lecture by Fredrik Sträng. All prices are ex. VAT.


Additional services:

Food: we recommend the buffet (regular price 185: - / person).

Price mobile climbing wall half-day activity:
Half day incl. 2h climbing / 1h lecture
Up to 25 people = 990: - / person
> 25 persons = 900: - / person

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About Fredrik Sträng:

Fredrik Sträng has climbed seven of the earth's fourteen 8000 meters mountains incl. Mount Everest. He has set a Guinness world record and was the first Swedish to climb the official 7 Summits - the highest mountain on every continent. He has made documentary films for TV4, SVT, Discovery, and National Geographic and published two books.

Fredrik is often a motivational speaker for companies such as Volvo, SAAB, Sandvik, Cisco Systems, Midroc, PEAB, IBM, Samhall, ESRI group, Skanska, Alfa Laval, KPMG, Vattenfall, E-on, SEB, Posten, Swedbank, Folksam, Michelin, and others. Fredrik arranges and participates in events for companies where the purpose is to motivate and give them tools to create a winning attitude and the right mindset and to create a well-knitted team.


Book indoor climbing with Fredrik Sträng