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In 2008 eleven people died on K2. I promised I would never go back. K2 has haunted me ever since. It was "unfinished business," and I needed to confront my demons. In 2017 I returned.
Filmed by: Fredrik Sträng
Editing: Joel Ängeby & Fredrik Sträng
Music: The Road Less Traveled by Gavin Luke



Lessons from the Annapurna Winter Expedition

Do your company and organization have the balls to go left when everyone else is going right?

Mastering the art of crisis management and decision-making is key if you want to survive an 8000-m climb. The constant seduction of how "perfect" your world will become if you reach the summit always lures in the back of your head as you move closer to your goal. To resist this force, this suction that dilutes your mind, is an ability that leaders must develop in our world with tremendous pressure and increasingly faster changes.

The similarities between a climb and leading a project in a company are striking, and many forget that a well-defined goal is paramount if you want to succeed. However, the summit is not the goal; it's only halfway.


7 Summits

In 2006, Fredrik Sträng embarked on a journey to scale the highest peak on every continent in under seven months.


A Cry from the Top of the World - Trailer

The film captures the story of the 2008 tragedy on K2 and contains some of the most engaging life dramas. The material is unique because Fredrik was on the mountain in person. It includes HD footage of the entire climbing season and the tragedy that took 11 lives. There are interviews with three members of the 2008 International K2 Expedition and the compelling perspective of climbers who were intimately involved with the events that unfolded during the summit attempt. It also includes an interview with Wilco Van Roojen, who survived two nights in the Death Zone on K2.


THE SUMMIT – Trailer

The drama-documentary about the tragic deaths on K2 in the summer of 2008.

K2 2017





P1 Söndagsintervjun - with perfection as the only requirement
P3 Dokumentär - The accident on K2

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