I help companies reach their "Mount Everest"
After eighteen 8000-m expeditions, after climbs on life and death, I know that your attitude determines if you succeed or if you fail, if you survive or not.

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My quest to reach the highest peaks in the world is similar to the strategies, risk analysis, leadership, and communication skills required for companies to overcome everyday challenges. It takes meticulous planning, an open and non-judgmental communication climate, and an effective team to endure months of hardship on some of the toughest mountains in the world. The team is never stronger than its weakest link.

Many people ask me if I have a death wish. I rarely hear: where do you get your energy and patience from? The key to success lies in the statement, "the result reflects the way you think."

As a child, I had an immense fear of heights and was haunted by the fear of death. A paradigm shift enabled me to climb the highest mountains in the world. I believe it's not about where you are but where you are going that will change your results. I encourage taking a proactive role instead of adapting the jargon "it’s never too late to give up." Remember that you will miss your target if your thoughts, speech, and behaviors are not aligned with your goal.


  • Leadership on life & death – at the death zone above 8,000 m you have to walk the talk
  • Decision making in extreme environments – orientation, judgment, decision, order
  • Crisis management – workshop in handling crises and how to solve them
  • Winning culture – implementing elite athletes winning spirit in your company

Fredrik Sträng:

  • Climbed seven of the world's highest mountain incl. Mount Everest, 7 Summits (the highest mountain on every continent) at Guinness World Record and the first Swede to do so.
  • 3 documentary films for Swedish TV4, SVT, National Geographic and Discovery
  • Book: "7 mountains, 7 continents, 7 months," and "K2 On life and death"
  • Authorized ACMC Meta-Coach and ICF Sport Coach
  • Founder and project manager for the winter obstacle-race Everest Challenge (www.everestchallenge.com)
  • CEO and founder of ACEQ (www.aceq.se)
  • Research assistant for study on decisions in extreme environments (http://tripleed.com)

Book Fredrik Sträng

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Fredrik Sträng

Fredrik Sträng, föreläsare och inspiratör

The Process

The Process


Åter till dödens berg K2


The Swedish Annapurna winter expedition

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