”I've been afraid of heights all my life. The remedy is not to avoid heights but learn how to climb.” Fredrik Sträng

 Other achievements and extended CV on linkedin.com: https://se.linkedin.com/in/fredrikstrang


  • Climbed seven of the world's highest mountains incl. Mount Everest
  • 7 Summits (the highest mountain on every continent) in seven months, resulting in a Guinness World Record. First swede to achieve the seven summits
  • Swedish male adventurer of the year 2007 and 2010
  • Member of the The Explorers Club (https://explorers.org/)
  • 3 documentaries for Swedish TV4, SVT, National Geographic and Discovery
  • Books: "7 mountains 7 continents, 7 months," and "K2 On life and death"
  • Motivational speaker talking about leadership, communication, decision-making, and risk analysis
  • Guiding to Mount Everest, Mount Blanc, Aconcagua, Kebnekaise, and more
  • Authorized ACMC Meta-Coach and ICF Sport Coach
  • Ambassador for Red Cross Sweden
  • Teacher for Adventure Academy 2011 and 2012 
  • Research assistant for study on decisions in extreme environments (http://tripleed.com)
  • Research at Uppsala academic hospital year 2005 on tests on Mount Everest
  • AIARE avalanche course level 1
  • Wildernes First Responder NOLS medical training
  • Emergency First Responder


Fredrik Sträng's expeditions:

1998 Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 m (total 7 times between year 1999-2012)
1999 Mt. Elbrus 5642 m (2 times summit)
1999 Mt. Blanc 4808 m (3 times summit)
2000 Mt. Denali 6194 m (2 times summit)
2001 Urus 5450 m, Pisco 5752
2001 Artesonraju 6025 m
2001 Huayna Potosi 6094 m
2001 Pequeno Alpamayo 5370
2001 Condoriri 5648 m
2002 Tocllaraju 6032
2002 P5650 (5650 m)
2002 Alpamayo 5947 m
2002 Vallunaraju 5686 m
2002 Jangyaraju III-Oeste 5450 m
2003 Dhaulagiri 8167 m, foresummit
2003 "In Shackleton's trail" – sailing over Drake passage to Elephant Island and skiing across South Georgia.
2004 Khan Tengri 7010 m,
2004 "In Djingis Kahn's footsteps" - horseback riding, canoeing and fishing in Mongolia - in the footsteps of Genghis Kahn
2005 Mount Everest 8610 m, The North Ridge route in Tibet, with oxygen (unsuccessful summit attempt), (o2)
2005 Mount Shishapangma 8013 m, central summit
2006 Mount Everest 8844 m, North Ridge in Tibet, (o2)
2006 Official 7 Summits in 191 days, Guinness World Record and first Swede
2007 Swedens 2000 m mountains on foot till – attempt to climb all Sweden 2000 m mountains
2008 K2, 8050 m (abandoned summit attempt due to too avalanche and bad conditions)
2009 Makalu, 8462 m, first Swedish with Niklas Hallström
2009 Lhotse, 8516 m
2010 Gasherbrum 2, 8035 m
2010 Gasherbrum 1, 8068 m
2010 Cho Oyu, 7200 m (no summit, too high winds)
2011 Nanga Parbat, 6200 m (no summit, too bad weather)
2012 Broad Peak 7640 m (no summit too bad weather)
2015 Manaslu 8163 m, foresummit
2015 Annapurna, winder expedition (no summit, too bad weather)
2016 Shishapangma, turned around because of too bad conditions
2016 Cho Oyu 8201 m, (o2)
2017 K2 7400 m (no summit due to bad weather)
2017 Broad Peak 8030 m (17 m short from the summit)
2018 Broad Peak, 8047 m Summit no supplemental O2
2018 K2, 7000 m (too bad weather)


Fredrik Sträng - Documentaries:

2007 The mystery on Everest (Mysteriet på Mount Everest) TV4
2008 7 Summits TV4
2009 A Cry from the top of the world – A documentary about the tragic accidents on K2 Producer: Mastiff AB
2020 Last of the Wild


Contributed to:

2012 The Summit – A documentary about the tragic accidents on K2. Producer: Image Now


Fredrik Sträng - books:

2007 7 Mountains 7 Continents 7 Months -- Albert Bonnier Förlag (in Swedish)
2009 K2 – On life and death – Forum (in Swedish)


Fredrik Sträng on top Broad Peaks (8047 m) in July 2018. Photo: David Roeske


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