- The art of reaching the top –

I train people who wants to climb their personal "Mount Everest". Everest is The metaphor for dreams and ambitions. I take you there. No shortcuts. Pure devotion. The path to physical and mental resilience.

I don't recommend my PT classes to everyone. Before you send me a request, ask yourself:

- Do you want to climb the mountain or would you rather have the mountain
- If you couldn't speak to anyone about your climb, would you still climb?
- If you were the last person left on earth, would you still climb?

If you say no to any of these questions we suggest that you start looking for another personal trainer. If your answers are yes, then you might be a person that is open to my training philosophy:

- Great results comes from hard work
- Your thoughts, speech and actions shall be coherent with your goal

I offer 3 types of training programs:

  1. Personal training
    - I design a program for your needs and your goal. Minimum 2 workouts/ week. 850 kr/session ex VAT. Every workout is 1,5 h long.
  2. Group training
    - 2,5 h outdoor training with natural obstacles and body weight designed to create endurance and strength. Every weekend or upon request. 150 SEK/person and session.
  3. Online training
    - We design a program for your needs and your goal. Coaching via mail & Skype.

Fredrik Sträng:

• Climbed nine 8000 m mountains participated in eighteen 8000-m expeditions
• Guinness World Record "7 Summits", and first Swede, year 2006
• Certified ACMC Meta Coach / ICF Sport Coach
• Gym Jones Level 2

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