I’ve been afraid of heights all my life.
The remedy is not to avoid heights, it’s by confronting it.
To live truly or merely to survive, that is the question 
- Fredrik Sträng

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After eighteen 8000 m expeditions I know that my attitude determines if
I succeed or fail, if I survive or not. So, what does it take to climb really big peaks?
Many people think wrong. They hire a motivational speaker to keep their employees
motivated for another month rather than asking: how much do you want this goal
from 1-10? If I'm at 5, I'll probably should change my goal. But if I am at 7, then how
do I get to an 8, then to a 9 until working and focusing on my goal becomes as natural
as the air that I breathe?

Fredrik Sträng
Adventurer / Motivational Speaker / Guide