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Fredrik Sträng trains companies and individuals who wish to have fun and at the same time get in good shape. Everest is the metaphor of ambitions and goals, since we all have a "mountain" we want to climb. Fredrik has extensive experience of group training from Swedish national teams to corporate events and obstacle racing competitions.

  • NCC Building did on the 8th of May 2017 a conference within sustainability and working safety for all employees. Fredrik made an excellent performance during this day focusing on the similarities between our challenges. The response from the audience where striking and the message that Fredrik sent out really where accepted from all. Thanks to a will from Fredrik to perform 100%, and even more, we highly recommend Fredrik to his future clients. Thank you, Fredrik, for a great performance!
    Niklas Malmfors NCC
  • ”What an inspirational speech”, ”Fredrik was outstanding” ”Fredrik’s association to overcome his fear by thorough planning and through great teamwork was something I could really relate to”.
    Amanda Bonde Kalén MTR Pendeltågen AB
  • Thank you Fredrik for attending our top management conference at PostNord Strålfors earlier this year. By sharing your experiences in an engaging and inspiring way, you challenged us to reflect on our goal, our Mount Everest, the importance of appreciating the journey towards the goal and the power of cooperation and building strong teams. You inspire to new ways of thinking and to really reflect on what matters and what will be the source of energy when one encounter the true challenge of a challenge.
    Annemarie Gardshol PostNord Sverige
  • Fredrik is a fabulous speaker. With energy that can move a mountain, knowledge that is rock solid and enthusiasm that is higher than the Mount Everest he gives the audience a journey of their lifetime. And above that; you can take his extreme experiences from the mountain and implement in everyday business life.
    Rikard Wildhuss CEO
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